Thursday, April 24, 2008


Adsense Payment In Progress!

Yeah! I see that there is a payment in progress line on my adsense account! That means that I will be having my adsense money soon! And what am I going to do with my adsense money? I'm going to buy cigarettes of course!

Been without them for a couple of weeks and I want to smoke a cigarette so bad that I can taste it now!

Much thanks to The Adsense Consultant for "turning me on" to the whole adsense program!

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008


It Seems That There Is A New Version Of Kools Cigarettes

I didn't notice this before but the last time I blogged about being able to buy Kool cigarettes on sale for 2 packs for $6 - this was the version of Kools that I was talking about. This new version is called Kool XL and the difference is that they are wider (and the promotion says "smoother") than the regular Kool cigarettes are.

I'm guessing that the reason why they are on sale is because the company that makes them - RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company - wants to promote them more.

I don't know if I really taste a difference with this newer version of Kool cigarettes although it does seem that it takes a lesser amount of time to smoke a whole cigarette - maybe that's what they want?

I surely hope that this doesn't mean that they are going to get rid of their original version of Kools! Lots of times companies will come out with something that they think is better than the original and it really is not!


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